Log Cabin with DogAt 47, and fast approaching middle age, Lynette realises that life has become a never ending merry-go-round of work, responsibilities, and meeting everybody else’s needs at the price of her own.

All that starts to change after watching a film called The Secret, when she learns of the mysterious powers of a self-help tool called ‘The Law of Attraction’. Lynette decides to experiment with this in her own life.

Temporarily suspending her safe (but unfulfilling) conventional life, she heads off in search of fun, adventure and a ‘lost self’. Some of the many experiences ‘manifested’ along the way include:

Mountain Cabin• Christmas with a gold miner in his remote log cabin in the mountains

• New Year’s Day celebrations on top of an ice

• Three weeks living in a spiritual communityReclaimed book

• An unusual invitation from an American
hippie from Hawaii

This book is the true account of one woman’s amazing journey to reclaim her life!

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