What readers are saying about Reclaimed…

“A delightful, thought provoking and brave book. Lynette shares her thoughts, feelings and self-exploration in such a real way. I felt like she was sitting with me sharing her story- questioning, pondering, and investigating her authentic self. Her story is about so much- relationships, boundaries, self-doubt, self-confidence, taking risks and trusting your own decisions and intuition. A courageous sharing of Self. Thank you, Lynette!” – Lily Anderson

“Just finished ‘Reclaimed’. Wow! Absolutely amazing and such an inspiration to other women/men who find themselves in Lynette’s position after divorce or break-up of a relationship. No matter what age or past failures follow your dreams and you can achieve anything you aspire to. Believe in ‘The Power of Now’.” – Maureen (S.Yorks.)

“This book is perfect for women who wonder if there is more about life than their current situation and try to get in touch again with their own needs.” – Susanne Bode (Germany)

Reclaimed book“This has been a very popular subject lately and some books have been incredibly successful like “Eat, Pray, Love”. Most of the time when reading this kind of books I really enjoy them but do not think that this could actually happen to me (hey, the fewest among us can afford a fancy flat in Rome for 4 months, not to mention the remaining 8 months). Lynette’s book is different. It is “real.” – Susanne Bode

“I loved reading this book. It captures the wonders of new Zealand, it’s landscapes, the people and the different places she visits. The book is well written and the author allows you to see her develop her intuitions. She meets many people on her adventures and she describes the intricate relationships along the way. I didn’t want it to end 🙂 ” – Ajanet

Reading Lynette's book“… Kinda made me want to pack my rucksack and give it a go.” – M.J. SMITH

“This really is a fantastic read – turning heartache into adventure, laughter and romance! There is always a “surprise” around each corner in Lynette’s journey throughout NZ. Well worth a read for anyone just starting out on the journey of spiritual, self-discovery!” – Dawn Shoulbert