Turning an Uneventful Life into an Advenutre

Log Cabin with DogSometimes, we wake up and realise that life has become a never ending merry-go-round of work, sleep and stressful living of a life that seemed to have spiralled so out of balance that you just know its time to do something different… That there ‘must be more than this’. That’s where I found myself at the grand age of 47, a single mum and working professional.

After a series of life events, that I saw as ‘wake-up! calls’… I made an unusual decision to step out of my safe (but very unfulfilling) life, that it felt like I was stuck in…

Heading off alone to travel around New Zealand for a whole summer, Reclaimed is really about a woman in search of fun, adventure and a ‘lost self’.

Mountain CabinIt is a true, autobiographical account, taken from journals written on my travels. Once I opened to it, life became one adventure after another! It truly felt that I had begun the journey to reclaim my life. Read this amazing story of an inner and outer journey, spiritual quest, romance and adventure!

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